Dominion Auditorium – Glen Allen, VA (Phase 1)

The conferencing space used by all the Richmond area Dominion facilities was no longer meeting the aesthetic or functional needs of the corporation. A new look was desired without compromising the acoustics provided by the fabric wrapped walls and sound absorption panels along the back wall of the space. The nbj team was brought on board to update space; removing an existing stage, improving lighting, and adding a new storage space and sound booths, with instructions not to altar the sound panels in any way. Through the use of innovative sound products that function as well as traditional sound panels but provide a wood aesthetic, the team was able to update the space with a fresh wood look without compromising the acoustics. The renovation features wood and glass walls with custom back painted glass murals. Even while adding items initially beyond the project scope, the team stayed nearly 25% under budget. The renovation was so well received that the facility is now replacing the back wall to match the rest of the space.