Project Description

Sandwiched between the elevated highway I195 and the downtown canal, Hyatt at the Locks is designed within a strict site to meet a variety of needs. The new building requires the removal of an existing vacant building that extends across the canal and will allow for an extension of the canal walk.  Retail will line the canal and encourage pedestrian traffic. The second through fourth level provide on site parking, with the the upper levels reserved for all of the hotel services. The main entrance across the historic 13th street bridge required careful coordination with the city to ensure ADA access while preserving the cobblestone heritage of the historic street.

Precast panels with a stone base provide a traditional pedestal for the contemporary metal and glass hotel tower to sit atop. The iconic Hyatt blade is articulated in a glowing blue box to create a landmark project.  Careful setbacks and height considerations ensure that the building maintains a pedestrian scale as the building provides an extension to the existing river-walk along the canal.