Chinmaya Somnath begins construction


Construction has officially begun on Chinmaya Somnath, a multicultural center in Chantilly, Virginia. The 38,000 Square Foot project will create a multi-use building to meet a variety of needs. The main floor incorporates a performance hall and cafeteria for cultural festivals and events, while the lower level is comprised of a number of classrooms where preschool and other learning opportunities will be provided.

The Center will make extensive use of skylights and windows in the public spaces to provide natural day-lighting to the occupants. Tile floors, wood columns and stainless steel accents enhance the first floor spaces, while bright wall colors and carpet accents give life and energy to the children’s classrooms at the lower level

A sloping site and bedrock near the ground surface create a challenging site. These complexities made adding a lower level very cost prohibitive. By creating a split level, the clients desire for a lower level was met while eliminating the need to excavate a great deal of bedrock.

Chinmaya Somnath is expected to be completed in May 2012.