A conceptual rendering of the single story office building located at Northampton, VA.

The team at nbj has been succesful in attaining yet another LEED Silver plaque for our esteemed client. This February Dominion’s Northampton regional office building was awarded the LEED Silver plaque. 

The project is a single story 7,233 Sqft. new administrative office building for Atlantic coast Pipeline, located at Forest Road, Pleasant Hill, NC 27866. It has individual offices, break rooms, meeting rooms, locker room, storage and other office related amenities. The facility is located in midst of forest.

The building is designed in Contemporary Style complying with local building codes and Design Guidelines. The building facades are broken down in massing to make the building scale more human. A low-rise mass of the building makes the building scale appropriate at the pedestrian level. The exterior building facades are predominantly stone, EIFS, metal panel and painted aluminum windows.

Private offices have been located along the periphery and have been equipped with glass walls to provide ample daylight and view to employees in the private office as well as open cubicles.

Environmental stewardship, health of occupants, waste and pollution reduction, and potable water use reduction have been taken into great consideration during the development of its design. The project incorporated high standards for indoor environmental quality, sustainability, and energy efficiency strategies to attain the goal of LEED-NC v3 certification. To achieve this goal, the owner has taken integrated project delivery approach and has contracted qualified Designers, Engineers, Commissioning Authorities, and consultants to provide a comfortable and efficient environment for the occupants of the facility.

One goal of this project was to reduce potable water usage. The water saving features for the project includes low flow water closets, low flow urinals, and low flow lavatories. The use of the low flow fixtures will result in a 40% water savings for the project. In addition, water efficient landscaping has been achieved through the use of native drought-tolerant planting.